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Business Bot Platform - Community Edition - R2019 FP1908
Today we released an updated version of our Business Bot Platform:

Business Bot Platform - Community Edition - R2019 FP1908 for Windows Server and Linux (RHEL/CentOS/openSUSE/SLES)
  • Some security improvements
  • Bug fix: Empty list when selecting Messenger when changing a mobile app
  • Bug fix: Incorrect platform detection prevents Localization Service to get resource labels on Windows
  • Bug fix: MobileUserAccount reference in the access lists of the business logics was not removed during deletion of a MobileUserAccount
  • Bug fix: Only file attachments that were embedded in a message text were sent to the user, but not (standalone) attachments of the message
  • Bug fix: Fixed several media file handling issues
  • Bug fix: Depending on the Windows version, an incorrect Datetime string was created for the database import
  • Improved user administration (and registration)
  • Feature: Support for WeChat Messenger
  • Feature: One mobile User Account can have multiple messenger accounts
  • Feature: Separation between user types: Authenticated Users versus Anonymous Users
  • Feature: New chatbot 'Hello World!' to support developers starting chatbot development on this platform
  • Feature: New chatbot 'Hello Echo!' for developers who want to test sending and receiving instant messages and media files
  • Various further improvements and correction of minor errors


We are looking forward to feedback from the community.

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