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How to update a business bot plugin manually?
In case that the Business Bot Platform is running without access to the Internet, how can we update the business logic (plugin) manually via file?
This instruction has been tested for Business Bot Platform R2018 FP1842 x64

You can perform a manually plugin update as follows:

Manually Plugin Update:

  1. Download the plugin update file (zip) from the repository:
  2. Stop the Windows Service: bbp_tomcat
  3. Open directory C:\Program Files\BusinessBotPlatform\apps\tomcat\webapps\bbp\WEB-INF\plugins and delete the old plugin file + folder
  4. Copy the downloaded plugin file to the plugin directory
  5. Create c:\temp
  6. Run C:\Program Files\BusinessBotPlatform\bin\exportDatabase.bat
  7. Open C:\temp\bbp-dump.sql
  8. Search for line  INSERT INTO `bbp_gwcore_businessbotplugins`
  9. then change the version string 1.0.2 (old version) to 1.0.3 (new version)  (appears 4x times)
  10. Import database: Run  C:\Program Files\BusinessBotPlatform\bin\importDatabase.bat C:\temp\bbp-dump.sql
  11. Start Windows Service again: bbp_tomcat
  12. Now, if you look in BBP at the Chatbot Logics view, you should see the updated version

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