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Business Bot Platform - Community Edition - R2018 FP1842
Today we released an updated version of our Business Bot Platform:

Business Bot Platform - Community Edition - R2018 FP1842 for Windows Server
  • Bugfix: Tomcat does not start: CATALINA_BASE variable has not been set on Windows 2008 Server R2
  • Bugfix: Using English as default (fallback) language when web browser's preferred language list does not contain an supported language
  • Check and install prerequisite through BBP installer: Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x64) (VC14)
  • Feature: Each business chatbot logic supports an own web user interface accessible from the Business Bot Platform
  • Bugfix: Checking mail server configuration before sending user password reset mail
  • Bugfix: Cyrillic characters has not been stored correctly in the user profile
  • Various other improvements and fixes for various bugs


We are looking forward to feedback from the community.

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